We, at St. Joseph-St. Teresa, take your health and spiritual well-being seriously.  Many people are anxious about the coronavirus.  Therefore, all public gatherings outside of Mass are cancelled until further notice.  This includes all parish groups and meetings. We will reassess the matter throughout the next few weeks and will continue to update you.
All Masses will continue to be offered as usual.  When you come to Mass, please be sure to use the entire space available by ensuring an adequate distance between you and your neighbor.

Let’s pray during this time of testing and anxiety for many with the prayer Pope Francis offered:

O Mary,
you always shine on our path
as a sign of salvation and of hope.
We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,
who at the cross took part in Jesus’ pain, keeping your faith firm.
You, Salvation of the Roman People,
know what we need,
and we are sure you will provide
so that, as in Cana of Galilee,
we may return to joy and to feasting
after this time of trial.
Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and to do as we are told by Jesus,
who has taken upon himself our sufferings
and carried our sorrows
to lead us, through the cross,
to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.
Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God.
Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, but deliver us
from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin. AMEN


Nosotros en S. José – Sta. Teresa, tomamos en serio tu salud y bienestar espiritual. Muchas personas están ansiosas por el coronavirus. Por lo tanto, todas las reuniones públicas fuera de la Misa se cancelan hasta nuevo aviso. Esto incluye todos los grupos parroquiales y reuniones.Volveremos a evaluar el asunto durante las próximas semanas y continuaremos actualizándolo.Todas las misas se seguirán ofreciendo como de costumbre. Cuando venga a misa, asegúrese de utilizar todo el espacio disponible asegurando una distancia adecuada entre usted y su vecino.

Oremos durante este tiempo de prueba y ansiedad para muchos con la oración que ofreció el Papa Francisco:

Oh María, tu siempre brillas en nuestro camino signo de salvación y de esperanza.
Nos encomendamos a ti, Salud de los enfermos,
quien en la cruz tomó parte en el dolor de Jesús, manteniendo tu fe firme.
Tu, salvación del pueblo romano, sabes lo que necesitamos,
y estamos seguros de que vas a proporcionar para que, al igual que en Caná de Galilea
podamos volver a la alegría y al banquete después de este tiempo de prueba.
Ayúdanos, Madre del Divino Amor, a conformarnos a la voluntad del Padre
y para hacer lo que nos pide Jesús, que ha tomado sobre sí nuestros sufrimientos
y cargó con nuestros dolores para conducirnos, a través de la cruz, a la alegría de la Resurrección. Amén.
Bajo tu protección, buscamos refugio, Santa Madre de Dios.
No desprecies los ruegos de los que estamos en el juicio, sino líbranos de todo peligro,
oh Virgen gloriosa y bendita. Amén.


Nou, nan St Jozèf-St. Teresa, pran sante ou ak byennèt espirityèl ou oserye. Anpil moun enkyete sou coronavirus la. Se poutèt sa, tout rasanbleman piblik deyò nan Mass yo anile jouk lòt avi. Sa gen ladan tout gwoup pawas ak reyinyon yo.

Nou pral re-evalye pwoblèm lan pandan tout semèn kap vini yo epi n ap kontinye mete ou ajou.
Tout mas yo pral kontinye ap ofri kòm dabitid. Lè ou vini nan Mas, tanpri asire w ke ou sèvi ak tout espas ki la disponib nan asire yon distans apwopriye ant ou menm ak frè parèy ou.
An nou priye nan tan sa kote anpil moun nan tristes ak laperèz ak lapriyè Pap Fransis ofri a:
O Mari, ou toujou klere chemen nou kòm yon siy delivrans ak espwa.
Nou met  konfyans nan ou, ou menm ki konn geri malad,
ki moun Ki te pran pati nan doulè Jezi tap soufri sou kwa, ki fè konfyans ou kenbe fèm konsa.
Ou menm, delivrans pèp Women an, Ki konnen kisa nou bezwen, e nou sèten ou ap banou l  konsa,
tankou nan Kana nan Galile, nou ka retounen ak kè kontan ak nan festen apre tan jijman an.
Ede nou, manman nou cheri, Konfòme nou ak volonte Papa a
e pou nou fè menm jan ak Jezi, ki te pran soufrans nou yo mete sou dol
e te pote lapenn nou yo, mennen nou, atravè kwa a,
nan kè kontan nan rezirèksyon an. Amèn.
Anba pwoteksyon ou, n ap chèche refij, Sentespri Manman Bondye.
Pa meprize sipèvizyon nou yo ki nan jijman, men delivre nou
soti nan tout danje, O gloriye  Vyèj Mari . Amèn

Christmas Concert at the Co-Cathedral

On Thursday, December 6th at 7:30 PM, please join us for a Christmas Concert held here at the Co-Cathedral. Currents News Anchor, Liz Faublas will be hosting and the concert will feature Emmy Award Winning Journalist and recording artist Kelly Wright. There will also be appearances by City of Churches Host, Anthony Mangano and 14 year-old Diana Marie Paunetto.

Doors open at 7 PM, the concert is open to the public, no RSVP is required. We hope to see you there!

Solemn Vespers for the Feast of Christ the King

All are welcomed to the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph on Sunday, November 25th at 4:00 PM for Solemn Vespers for the Feast of Christ the King.

Voices of St. Joseph Choir, under the direction of Alejandro Zuleta, will sing Gregorian Chant Vespers with Magnificat by Tomas Luis de Victoria. O Salutaris Hostia by Charles Gounod and Karl Jenkins’ Benedictus from The Armed Man as the choral recessional.

Parish Merger Decree – Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph & St. Teresa of Avila

By the Grace of God and of the Aposcolic See



Changes in the spiritual practices among the faithful, a decrease in available clergy and men and women in consecrated life, changes in the general population within our Diocese, as well as concerns regarding temporal matters have affected the means by which the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been proclaimed within the Diocese of Brooklyn.

In an effort to respond in the best possible way to the gifts of the Holy Spirit generously given to us in our current situation, I have overseen a comprehensive pastoral plan, which included the whole of the Diocese of Brooklyn. In an effort to evangelize more effectively the community in Brooklyn, as well to administrate the temporal goods of the faithful more efficiently, Reverend Monsignor Kieran E. Harrington, Pastor of the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph, located at 856 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, New York 11238, and Administrator of Saint Teresa of Avila, located at 563 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, New York 1123 8, petitioned that they be canonically merged.

In keeping with the requirements of the Universal Law of the Church, the Presbyteral Council was consulted on September 25, 2018 (Canon 515 § 2), and after having heard the reasons for the proposed merger its members expressed their support for this action. In addition, after having consulted the territorial Episcopal Vicars, clergy, pastoral ministers and other members of the faithful of the parishes involved, I, the undersigned Bishop of Brooklyn, hereby declare and decree that the Co-Cathedral of Joseph and the Parish of Teresa of Avila, both within the Diocese of Brooklyn, shall be merged to form one Parish.

• This one Parish shall be named the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph, with the main Parish office to be located at 856 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, New York 11238.

• Reverend Monsignor Kieran E. Harrington shall be the Pastor of the Parish.

• The territorial boundaries of the new parish shall encompass all of the territory which, up until now, has constituted the territories of the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph and Saint Teresa of Avila.

• All assets and obligations currently belonging to aforementioned parishes are by this canonical merger, transferred to the Parish of the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph – Saint Teresa of Avila.

• The parochial registers and the seals of the aforementioned parishes shall be kept at 856 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, New York 11238.

• The Parish shall have two churches for worship: The Church of the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph and the Church of Saint Teresa of Avila.

This merger shall take effect on November 1, 2018, at which time the public juridic persons of the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph – Saint Teresa of Avila shall be merged. Recourse action may be sought according to the norms of Canons 1732 to 1739 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.

Click here to view full Decree

Theology on Tap

The Hardest Part Of Mercy Receiving It

Guest Speaker: Gene Monterastelli, Apex Ministries

September 12th at 7 PM,

Dean Street
755 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Charla on the Beach

Where am I in the batting order of my church?

Join us for prayer, music and an open discussion led by guest speaker Monsignor Kieran Harrington.

Save the date – August 18th 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Register before August 4th and email Mother Maria Amador.

The event will be held at Coney Island Beach next to the baseball field.

* We will meet at 5:30 PM by the Jackie Robinson Statue in Coney Island.

Holy Week Schedule

We look forward to seeing you for Holy Week. Our doors are always open.


Join us this Sunday, March 18th, at noon as we celebrate Mass in honor of Fr. Charles P. Keeney’s 40th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood. All are welcome!

Annual Catholic Appeal

The 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal supports the daily work of our Church throughout Brooklyn and Queens. Play the videos to learn more about the 2018 ACA. Your contribution will help support the following ministries:

Catholic Charities
Hospital, College, and Prison Chaplains
Diocesan Vocations Office
Catholic Migration Services
Parish Assistance Program
Office of Faith Formation
Bishop Muguvero Residence for infirmed clergy
Futures in Education Scholarship Foundation